Roots and Beginnings

Born in Germany in 1983 to a Ghanaian mother and an American father, my life has always blended cultures, passions, and experiences. From a young age, computers were a significant part of my world, thanks to my father’s role as an engineer in the army. I still remember the thrill of disassembling and reassembling my first DOS computer under his guidance.

Melodies from Two Worlds

Though technology was an early love, music was pivotal in my teenage years, inspired by my brother, an old-school hip-hop artist. I dabbled in piano, music production, and digital beats. My frequent travels to Ghana connected me with my maternal roots and honed my musical skills further. My grandfather and aunt in Ghana refined my piano techniques and deepened my understanding of music theory.

Bright Lights, Big City

After middle school in Ghana, I moved to the States for high school. By the early 2000s, I had transitioned from a passionate student to a budding professional, graduating from the Institute of Audio Research. My internship at MTV, especially assisting on the TRL show with Carson Daly, gave me the surreal experience of being around global music icons, from Beyonce to Snoop Dogg, to you name it. However, the challenging commute from Jersey to Manhattan strained my finances. I quickly found myself back working a 9-5 shift at Walmart, which was a humbling experience, testing my confidence amongst my peers.

The Rise and Fall of

My entrepreneurial spark was ignited by creating – a groundbreaking music-sharing platform. The platform became a stepping stone for numerous beat makers, and as it grew, so did my curiosity about search engine optimization. I delved deep into SEO, successfully boosting to the front pages of search engines. However, as the platform swelled in popularity and traffic, my inexperience in managing a rapidly growing platform became evident. I faced challenges, from technical maintenance to scaling, and lacked the knowledge to seek investors or sell. Despite its success, the inability to navigate these challenges led to the site’s decline.

From Beats to Bytes

My interests then shifted to mobile technology. From working with giants like T-Mobile and AT&T, I embarked on another business venture – the ‘Cell Phone Repair Clinic’ in South Jersey. Leveraging my tech skills and SEO expertise, this business did surprisingly well, being the first of its kind. Yet, despite its success, there remained this unfulfilled desire. Seeking deeper fulfillment and the allure of new horizons, I returned to Ghana to explore fresh opportunities and reconnect with my mom’s side of the family.

Return to Roots: The Ghana Venture

While back in Ghana, after careful research and trying different things, I ventured into the cosmetics business and used my SEO skills to catapult it to success. However, challenges at shipping ports in Ghana meant another pivot was on the horizon.

Highway Clicks: A Culmination of Journeys

Reflecting on my diverse experiences, the idea for Highway Clicks emerged. With over decade-long web development and SEO expertise, it was time to assist other businesses in their digital journey. And that’s what I do today – harnessing the lessons from beats, businesses, and diverse adventures to create success stories for my clients.